Terms & Conditions

Final numbers:
1) Final function numbers are required at least one (1) week prior to your event date and this day will be deemed as your final numbers date. The number provided will be the Guaranteed Number of which you will be invoiced for. It is your responsibility to notify us of final numbers. Final payment will be based on the Guaranteed Number if the number does not exceed the guaranteed number.

2) Client is liable to pay extra for all the number of extra plates after guaranteed number.

3) Bakul Caterers will not be responsible for any menu items falling short after the guaranteed number.

4) Bakul Caterers will charge for all the plates used irrespective the plates are used by children, adults, senior citizens or by any support staff like security guards, housekeeping personals or drivers etc.

5) Bakul Caterers will accommodate up to 10% more attendees at the same rate. If the overage is more than 10%, then the entire overage would be charged at the rate of; 150% i.e. (1 ½ ).Bakul caterers will keep the extra provision of raw material as per the expected guest number provided by the client, and won’t be responsible for shortage of food if the numbers increase above the expected number.

(1) Host to arrange License for cocktail parties, we shall provide only bartending service from our end.

(2) You are kindly requested to check and sign for the number of plates displayed before the start of function. Extra plates will be charge proportionately.

While every effort is made to maintain prices, they may be subject to change without notice, prior to your event.

Quotes are valid for a period of 30 days from the date shown on then quote.

Changes or alternations:
There Can be changes or alterations in the menu items as per seasonality, availability in the items with prior intimations to the client, Bakul Caterers reserves the rights to use the pictures of your event for marketing and/or promotional for Catering purposes.

Loss and damages :
Bakul Caterers holds no responsibility for the loss or damage to items brought into, left prior to, during or after the event by the Client, their guests or outside contractors invited by the client or any of their guests.
Bakul Caterers will not be responsible for any Damages occurred during the event due any fights or natural calamities and client is liable to pay for the damages to Bakul caterers for their asset loss.
Rowdy behavior or uncontrolled celebration will be a cause for immediate eviction. No money would be refunded. All damages will be charged and billed to the Client.
I have read and understand Bakul Caterers Terms and Conditions and agree to abide by these. and take full responsibility for our guests and their actions.